Brass Fabulous lives up to its name. This a spectacular addition to the brass band repertoire, well deserving of lots of fans and of lots of listening hours.

A glorious dedication to the humble harmonica.

The remarkable breakthrough performance of Canadian Jason Rosenblatt on the diatonic harmonica deliver 13 great original songs, which balance between blues and early jazz. 4.5/5

It takes a lot of training, life experience, and desire to tell musical stories effectively, especially with the diminutive harmonica as lead instrument. Based on his latest CD…Montreal’s Jason Rosenblatt has achieved that goal,and more. After more than a decade specializing in Yiddish and Klezmer music, Rosenblatt has branched into jazz and blues. Now as singer/songwriter,he displays a distinctive voice and talent for personal lyrics. This is an engaging, fun, and spirited CD with a well oiled team.