Mizmor: מיזמור 


Jason Rosenblatt and Tevet Sela’s “Mizmor” is a fiery and exotic collection of original compositions based upon the ancient texts of the Sabbath eve liturgical service. From this collection flows a cascading mix of sonic textures which echo the ancient cantillations of old Marrakech, the buoyant chassidic melodies of Kazimierz and at times, the glorious modal improvisations of John Coltrane. This collaborative project showcases the extreme versatility of alto saxophonist Tevet Sela, a creative force with a luscious tone who  brings a rare wealth and breadth of influences to his playing. This adept and dexterous post-bopper’s music is often drenched in heavy blues and the Middle-Eastern inflections of his Israeli cultural heritage. He is joined by composer and pianist Jason Rosenblatt. With a touch that blends 60s jazz with the insistance of chassidic wedding music, Rosenblatt’s penchant for the music of East European rounds out this project and helps to provide a complete spectrum of sounds from East to West. The project performed at last year’s Ashkenaz Festival and we would love the opportunity to bring it to your community. Featuring: Jason Rosenblatt (harmonica, piano, vocals), Thierry Arsenault (drums) and Tevet Sela (bass/sax) 


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CDs and MORE!

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Wiseman's Rag - A slightly twisted take on blues, roots and early jazz.

Brass Fabulous - A raucous explosion of original Eastern European brass band music. 

NEW BOOK!!! A collection of over 60 pieces pieces in a variety of styles from Klezmer and Ragtime to Jazz and Quebecois