Brass Fabulous

Jason Rosenblatt & Orkestra Severni

A simmering blend of all original composition performed in the eastern-European brass band tradition.

Orkestra Severni (Northern Orkestra) burns through an unrelenting play list of the most heart-pounding, foot-stomping brass band music that Eastern Europe has to offer. And, it does so with both authenticity and vivacity. Orkestra Severni was founded in 2009 by trombonist Rachel Lemisch, scion of the Lemisch Klezmer dynasty of Iasi, Romanian, together with musicians who share an affinity for the high-energy brass band repertoire of the Klezmer, Moldavian and Serbian traditions. For several years now the group has been a fan favourite of such festivals as The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Toronto’s Ashkenaz Festival and the Montreal Jewish Music Festival; Always leaving audiences with great cheer and sore feet.

Orkestra Severni’s debut album, “Brass Fabulous” featuring eleven all original cuts, showcases the music of composer and pianist/harmonicist Jason Rosenblatt. With searing sirbas, freylachs galore and a sentimental waltz or two, this album is a must for any afficinoado of new Eastern European style music.

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