Jason has over fifteen years experience teaching harmonica to beginners and advanced players alike. Within an organized framework Jason and his students  explore  a wide range musical styles from blues, bluegrass, klezmer, Turkish music and jazz. Through various exercises, a carefully chosen repertoire  and some music theory,  students will develop the appropriate techniques (bending, overblowing etc. ) and musical knowledge to play in various styles.  Jason recognizes that each student has specific tastes and needs and he is careful to  tailor each  lessons to his students abilities and music tastes. 

I greatly enjoyed/benefitted from the lesson today like always. In the last few decades, but intensely in the last year, I have listened to a lot of harmonica. No doubt in my mind...you are a modern, international harmonica master. ” - Gary K.
Just finished a lesson with Jason Rosenblatt, I highly recommend it!!! Great player, great teacher!” - Jackson K.